21 February 2012

poetry ~ Companion

How intimate the lesser bodies of the universe
Our thoughts lie close
                  well-nigh a billion miles away.
United only by the dim reflections presented
                  wavelength-aeons apart;
Friends by telescope.

Knowing only, as we do, the simple names of elements
How is it
                  we pretend
                  we know more than this?
I, voyeur, window-peek by microscope
                  measuring memories in angstroms
                  trying to place affection on a grid
A quantitative affair.

Plucking compassion from a shelf of chemicals
Apply it with sterility
                  Earthen values shant sully
                  Cerebral sensuality.
To you, those million light years away
                  How can I convey this:
I want nothing but your kind approval.

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