15 September 2010

snake oil - I-Renew

A couple of months before Bill learned he had cancer he saw an infomercial for a bracelet that was said to possess amazing healing powers; the I-Renew bracelet. So he ordered it from the tv advert number [and, no, I'm not going to post the number here]. Besides, if acted upon quickly ~ it could result in getting two bracelets for the price of one.

What is the I-Renew bracelet supposed to do? The website says:
"The iRenew Bracelet ...[helps] to balance your body's subtle BioField. By balancing your BioField with the iRenew Bracelet, you can create Greater Flexibility, Balance and Strength By achieving these key results above can create a better more stronger you."
It did take a long time to arrive. When it showed up I took both bracelets to show him. His immediate response was ~ somewhat emphatically ~ "I'm not wearing that thing while I'm getting chemo!" so his bracelet sits home at his apartment. I am wearing mine, but more out of solidarity with him as he goes for treatments.

Does it work? I haven't felt any different. Does no seem to work on anemia, but I take iron supplements for that.

Having ordered the bracelets works in other ways, however? Just Monday I gt a phone call asking if I liked the bracelet. I told them the clasp keeps coming loose. They said that was too bad.

But they also proffered to sell me other stuff; in particular a book of "valuable coupons" that I might be able to use in local businesses.

I laughed and politely declined.

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