14 June 2010

more fitful online wanderings

 • TruthOut reminds us that the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate.
 • From NPR and AlterNet - the Army Docs tell Soldiers with brain injury to stop complaining . Officially, military figures say about 115,000 troops have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries since the wars began.
 • At ProPublica Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army's vice chief of staff, defended the military's handling of soldiers who suffered brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan.
 • Tom Mullins, New Mexico Republican Congressional hopeful said that the USA could litter the Mexican border with landmines to keep immigrants out, but then said he "...does not advocate this" [he just provides publicity for the idea].
 • The NRA defends Hillary Clinton acknowledging that rumors that the USA signed a treaty banning firearms are false. YHate posted more about this, plus also posted a great graphic. Go check it out.
 • The US Federal Government must begin extending some federal employee benefits to same-sex couples and their children including employee assistance programs and child-care subsidies. President Barack Obama ordered this to take place effective "immediately". Existing law prevented the White House from extending all federal employee benefits to same-sex couples.

 • Bet you didn't hear any of this on Faux News!

IMAGE CREDITS TO: 1- ProPublica; 2- ©2010, YHate, also known as GJB Graphics

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