30 June 2010

environment - Gulf Emergency Summit

My friend Jason King sent me this link. The site provides detail I have yet to see on TV. I believe it speaks for itself.

The Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster:

The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading. It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods. The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf, or even tell the truth. The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.
This 15-minute video of Kindra Arneson, the wife of a Louisiana fisherman is well worth watching. Not that it is any surprise but, guess what, we're not getting the whole truth from the media.
IMAGE CREDITS: 1- Code Green cartoon by Stephanie McMillan, who also maintains an entertaining weblog named Minimum Security, "The thrilling story of revolutionaries saving the world from ecocidal maniacs!"; 2- Fishing Closure Map US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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