18 July 2010

fitful wanderings from the web

 •  A Founding Father [the one that the Texas Republican Party has eliminated] on the Banking System and on Religious Demagoguery Quote:
If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless..”
~ Thomas Jefferson
 • Political news junkies should save this bookmark. The "Truth-O-Meter" hits politicians. Politifact looks at the accuracy of all; whether from pundits Sarah Palin and Keith Olbermann or politicians from President Obama to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Question: Is fact-checking FOX NEWS next?

 • The Regressive Antidote talks of shoe-horning 21st Century governance into 17th Century ideas. Surprise! It doesn't work. From David Michael Green's essay:
"The world in our time faces a series of enormous global problems that demand global solutions. Unfortunately, we’re a lot more skilled at producing the former than the latter. And even more unfortunately, no one is better at creating these problems and blocking their solutions than the good ol’ US of A. Just such behavior was vividly on display last month, when the US went to a conference of the International Criminal Court (which we are not only not a member of, but have actively tried to undermine) and there attempted to block a resolution making aggression a crime under the ICC’s jurisdiction. But that’s only the latest example of a much broader and very dangerous 21st century tendency to avoid changing political institutions designed to work well for the world of the 17th century." Read the rest
 • Another example of discontinuities with laws across the planet comes from Marie Claire, a hair care and fashion mag, with nary a mention in the media a dishonorable "Honor Killing" takes place in Arizona. a gruesome tale of a father's failure to assimilate and of the "punishment" meted out on his daughter for doing just that. Abigail Pesta, author of the article, is the editor-at-large of Marie Claire. I'm impressed at Marie Claire for their effort!
     At school, she was known as a fun-loving student who made friends easily.
     But at home, Noor inhabited a darker world. She lived a life of subservience, often left to care for her six younger siblings. Noor's father, 49-year-old Faleh Almaleki, was strict and domineering, deeming it inappropriate for her to socialize with guys, wear jeans, or post snapshots of herself on MySpace. Her responsibility was to follow orders, or to risk a beating.
     When she finally decided she had to move out on her own Dad thought the only acceptable thing to do was to repeatedly drive over her with his Jeep. Read the rest of the story!

IMAGE CREDIT: Thomas Jefferson - image widely available on the internet. I happened to find it at America First Books; 2- A photo of Noor Almaleki taken by a friend

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