14 June 2010

everyday life

Two days before we went to Montreal, the compressor on the fridge finally died.

A new fridge was delivered after getting back. If Bruce and I had done the move with the pick up truck it would have been anguish and angst. My vision was of ramps and dollies and lots of work and aggravation getting the two fridges moved but... what a surprise to watch these two haul it in on little more than a couple of sturdy belts. I'm sympathetic about their backs (if not now, then certainly when they get older).

Both men spoke with heavy accents. No way I'm gonna ask for their green cards. Both were polite and professional and quick.

By the way, this is the old fridge being carted away. We got it several years ago for $125 [usd] from folks moving out of state.

The stainless steel doors and the door-front ice dispenser were not as exciting as they seemed. I'm also glad to get back to a top/bottom door arrangement. Much easier to get at the food inside. Now to replace all the stuff that went beyond the point of saving.

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