16 June 2010

news blip - serial killer put onlife support

FAREND, GA [UPI] The Warden of the Oswagatichie Regional Correctional Center [ORCC] ordered a comatose inmate, Bobby "Big Fist" Whalen, to be kept on life supports after he suffered a stroke last Wednesday. Whalen, age 49, was serving the first of 17 consecutive life sentences for his part in a ritual mass murder of migrant feather boa seamstresses working in an Atlanta, GA sweatshop back in 1979.
    Franklin Upstand, Warden of the prison and an elder of the Hallelujah Enlightened Church of the Holy Redeemer, said that he was issuing this order after it was determined that Whalen would not survive without this measure taking place. Warden Upstand's decision was based on the length of Whalen's sentence and the Warden's faith that Justice must be rendered, however difficult the tests that society has to meet to accomplish the sentencing.
    "I have faith that the Almighty has given us this challenge to show humanity's resolve. Members of the jury who convicted this barbarian spoke their intent clearly when they sentenced him. God would not have guided them to make this decision had He not intended to set Whalen as an example to others. His effort to escape his sentence by trying to die shows all of us what little remorse he had for the sins of murdering innocents."
    The murders, and the trial that followed, somehow escaped the attention of the media in 1979. This time it's different. Warden Upstand said that his office has been deluged with calls from reporters and journalists across the country asking about his decision. Talon News reporters broke the story first.
    Said Warden Upstart, "It is my earnest prayer that, now that the news media has gotten hold of the story, they will take a second look at the grizzly details, search into the facts behind the murders, and finally bring the sordid story to light so people will remember the poor women who died silently at this wretch's foul deeds."
    "God has given us the technology to ensure that all murderers serve the full terms of their sentences. Why should we let it go to waste?"

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