08 December 2010

fitful wanderings from the web

A new private / public sector collaborative effort, Space-X, may keep space exploration going.
     That's corporate ingenuity and taxpayer funded collaboration FWIW. I don't have a problem with this, actually, excepts the beneficiaries probably won't be the funding sources ...that would be us.

<--IMAGE SOURCE: Space-Xlaunching from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Photo by Alan Walters for Universe Today

Living up to the growing reputation of "Republican Lite", representatives from the Obama Administration's Department of Justice are now warning that the DOJ may go after medicinal marijuana growers and distributors in Oakland, California.
The Nation weighs in with an article that reviews whether or not the "tax cut for rich/unemployment benefits" move was a sell-out of the 95% of Americans who are NOT millionaires.
     Me, I remain unconvinced.

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