05 August 2010

living with cancer - Pray for BillP

My camera shy friend is suffering after a recent discovery of cancer cells within his body. His less than camera shy pals [Big Boy and Little Guy/Tiger, both shown here] anxiously await his return home.

Right now Bill is at the VA Hospital in West Haven under the scrutiny of oncologists and surgeons.

Uncertainty is arduous.

Right now I don't know what to think ~ or do.

I pray that his difficult ordeal eventually finds him tumor and cancer cell free so that he and I can ride along Chamberlain Highway [plus do a slew of other things ~ some that require a passport] a whole lot more times.

As I write this I'm hit with a double whammy; for my brother Ken, who lives out in San Diego, has also been diagnosed with cancer the very same week. With Ken I'd like to be able to ride about the Sequoia National Forest on his hog. Mindful of the fact that I could find all sorts of spurious information about cancers on the internet, I do find a trio of articles ~ A Layman's Guide to Esophageal Cancer ~ written by Roger Tunsley, to have been encouraging and helpful. Another article, on gastrointestinal cancers, on the American College of Gastroenterology website, is also quite informative. Two other websites I found helpful include Wikipeada's Esophageal Cancer entry and a link to the Esophageal Cancer Action Network.

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  1. Life sometimes just blindsides us, doesn't it? Have a cousin battling liver and esophageal cancer right now, too. I know someone who had esophageal cancer surgery several years ago, had surgery, and has remained cancer free. My gentle thoughts are with you.