24 June 2010

travel - north adams, ma

I'll be here tonight, on Main Street, in North Adams, Massachusetts, celebrating a gala opening of galleries.

One of the galleries, Berkshire Artist's Colony at 107 Main Street, has just under a dozen of my works on exhibit. ...and I may (or may not, still in negotiation) be installing a new conceptual art piece, "Angst and Anxiety", during the opening tonight.

The celebration is to open eleven new galleries, and 14 new exhibitions. The fete will put a special polish on all that is already there! If you haven't been there, North Adams is a great place to join in on a celebration. The town has been written up in New York/Time Out for their lively atmosphere. Trip Advisor has lots of reviews about the town and it's environs. Here's a list of June 2010 events in town.

After ~ or even during ~ the festivities, I may have a glass of wine

The story to the pickled wine is that I offered someone else a sample of my sandwich, holding the plate above the table; the pickle fell off the plate in a somersault, and landed right on the edge of the glass. We didn't dip it.

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