15 June 2010

poetry - wandering once more along paths uncharted

we met one odd auspicious evening
not knowing where it would take us

not knowing long country drives
nor strange metaphysical adventures awaited

we were, and in some respects,
continue to be
like Narcissus and Goldmund
though the adventuresome terrain
has always remained ethereal

I have never fully understood
your journeys
but remain ever forbearing of
your intentions to take them

each psychic excursion
a watched exercise
in awesome terrifying mystery

now you wander once more
along paths uncharted
barely mindful of my fears
and perhaps even of your own

while you stand joyous
arms outstretched
at the edge of the next cliff

take care my friend
take caution

I love you
and want to hold your
thoughts with mine again
another day

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