24 June 2010

fitful wanderings

 • Every now and again, vestiges of my college years awaken. Seeing the limestone and marble quarries just south of North Adams stirred this sudden interest Mt. Greylock's geology as well as that of the Natural Bridge to the north.
 • Speaking of geology the question was asked "What kind of well is an Artesian?" One that does not require a pump for the water to continue to flow. If your lights dim when the water pump cuts on, your well is probably not Artesian.
 • Word searches don't have to take a lot of time. Start with One Look then fine tune the query with, say, a thesaurus. A quick way to find a synonym for a word. I find this whole process appealing.
 • While wandering about North Adams, I meet Anna Saldo-Burke and we talk about Green Mittens Covered Her Ears, a slim new book about a talented artist, Jessica Park who experiences autism. I like that the book is not a clinical treatise. It's told from a perspective of someone who knew her. While the term "disability" is mentioned, the book highlights how so-called regular folks have to learn to communicate differently with someone else who uses their own personal language; effectively calling into question which party is disabled.
 • One thing I look forward to when coming to North Adams is picking up some cheeses made by The Farmstead at Mine Creek, in Charlemont. They produce a pungent, buttery cheese, Neige en Été (“Snow in Summer”), that in comparison, makes the texture of commercial brie cheeses seem like a hard cheddar. This trip, I could not find any. Selected some of their Jersey Maid Reblochon instead.
 • The ride up was partly through heavily pouring rains but the sky cleared up at night to give prominence to the waxing moon. Saturday 26th of June is the full moon, with all it's resplendent glory. For more about the moon and it's phases, visit Moon Phases. This full moon is going to part of a lunar eclipse; for those who follow such phenomena, this is symbolic for change in one's life. My prayers for all is that those shanges, whatever they are, prove to be beneficial.

IMAGE CREDITS TO: 1- Strata cross section for Artesian well, Wikipedia.org; 2- Goat Rising's Products page

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