28 June 2010

dark side - addictions

"Addicts tend to dwell in the ecstasy of ignition, that moment when endorphins are first beckoned and the show begins, but in a more sober, retrospective light, the fact remains that addiction's primary aspect is boredom - the getting and using of the same substance over and over until death, jail or recovery intervenes."
David Carr
I did not select the quote above; a friend who admits he has a problem with addictions, did. When I went to visit him he excitedly pulled our Mr. Carr's article for me to read. "Isn't he so right when he speaks of boredom.?" I mentioned that (in relation to the endorphin kick) my friend has often referenced going on with alcohol use until he got "that click!" I further responded that I wasn't really sure - being addicted to substances has never been my demon. Besides - I rarely find myself bored.
     My friend momentary looked perplexed, then made an "aha" look, acknowledging he finds himself bored quite a lot. Then he agreed (with himself as much as with me) that he needed to do something about this. I found myself agreeing.
     Now, the boredom, and repetitive substance abuse, and that search for the "snap" is a bit what the film "Still Life", posted here, is about. Grim, but it seemed an apt feature to put with the quote about addictions.
QUOTE FROM: Mr. Carr's review of a book, "Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man" by Bill Clegg; the film short, Still Life, was produced by Brookstreet Pictures.

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