27 June 2010

poetry - Therapies I have known

Therapies I have known

Valium - How nice. I really don’t care if I’m caught dancing naked in the street
Mellaril - Itchy scratch brain. Itchy scratch brain ...And I can’t do anything about it
Haldol - New exercises for my tongue!
Thorazine - Dense grey tarpaper wrapped around my medulla oblongata
Navane - Bright blue pills that enhance the effects of marijuana
Zyprexa - How’d that bowling ball get in my belly?
Psychiatrist - Six months of silence and he speaks, but only briefly
Concrete blocks and sledgehammer - Hours of concentrated slamming creative destruction leads to extreme fatigue and blissful, rested sleep
Friendships - That works.

READ AT THE: Mad Pride Festival / Held at Wisdom House / Litchfield, CT / 13 July 2007

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