02 July 2010

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individual artists
 • Gabriel Warren. The first sculptor to be sent to Antarctica by the [US] National Science Foundation, refers to himself as a landscape sculptor who "...attempts to tread as lightly as possible on the earth. [His] metal pieces are fabricated from very thin sheets; [and] despite a massive appearance they are quite light and easy to move, install, and hang." The work on the right is only 38" x 18". His easy interface between geology and art makes the works especially appealing to me.
 • Ana Flores is a sculptor who gathers "...artifacts from nature [that] suggest their own stories and what slowly emerges are cultural, and mythical narratives...." What evolves may be carved hands that morph into tree limbs, or troll-like trunks reaching into the sky. Her environmental works have been featured at I-Park in East Haddam, CT.
 • Christo. Famed conceptual artist Christo lost his partner/spouse Jeanne-Claude last fall, but he continues with awe-inspiring projects like the Arkansas River in Colorado. As Christo + Jeanne-Claude's collective works go, I continue to remain impressed about the New York GATES project. Here's a link to photos of the Gates taken by a couple, Lori and Al, from Philadelphia.

 • White Noise of Everyday Life is a weblog about photography and contemporary visual arts. Here's a sample of night photos of the the rebuilding of the Hoover Dam Bridge taken by photographer Jamey Stillings.
 • Design Boom. Current trends in industrial design.

upcoming exhibition in NYC
 • Umbrella Arts, a small, innovative gallery run by Margaret Bodell and Mary Ann Fahey, and shall host a new exhibition, 95Arts, curated by Sean Corbett, is a collection of works from artists who live along the I-95 corridor. Show opens on 10th, July 2010. Gallery hours: Thursday through Saturday 1PM - 6PM and by appointment. 317 East 9th Street, NYC. 212-505-7196

IMAGE CREDITS TO: 1- Gabriel Warren Euneclasteia 1, from the Rhegmalogia sculpture series; 2- 95 Arts logo.

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