23 August 2010

living with cancer - day one chemo/radiation

Getting started on cancer treatment is a bit like driving into a dark tunnel with no directionals.

I don't know if my friend had his first treatment today. Nursing staff in the afternoon they can't say for sure that he went to the cancer center; the nurse only knew that he was on the ward when she came on duty.

A different nurse, later on, reports that his ride didn't pick him up on time, but remains equally uncertain if he'd gone today for treatment [Shouldn't that be in the record?].

What is certain is that he was moved to a new ward, with nurses who don't know him nor his quirks and eccentricities.

I expect I'll hear a rasher asking "...is it bark or bite" when he lashes out loud and verbal. [It's bark, basically] He's in pain! He's got esophageal cancer! ...and nobody's taking the time to either explain all this or provide a bit of TLC. Surely nursing is more than reading blood pressure gauges and finding another vein to stick.

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