18 July 2010

propaganda - screeds

 • Ethan Persoff's Collections. "Political ephemera, drug hysteria, vintage sex & health items ...other miscellany; Delivered to you in a timely, inappropriate manner since 2001"
     Where else can you find Paul Krassner's Realist Archives, M. Philip Copp's 1957 classic The Atomic Revolution, Sarah Palin's Lipstick Collection, The U.S. Army Training Guide on the Don't Ask Don't Tell homosexual policy, and How to Treat your M-16 Like a Lady all in one place? That's right! Nowhere else.

     Mr. Persoff's collecting efforts have been entertaining me for almost a decade; though I often neglect paying proper attention. I think it has as much to do with how much time I spend once on his site. My loss, and a far more productive use of time than messing about with Facebook's FarmVille.

 • Chick Cartoon Tracts "Publishing cartoon gospel tracts and equipping Christians for evangelism for over 40 years."
     When I was a teenager, I became enthralled with the likes of Jack Chick's Comics. Mind you, I was never converted to the somewhat rabid anti-Catholic evangelicism promoted by Mr. Chicks' bible tracts, I was more intrigued by his style, and, in part, by some [though not all] of the content.
     And when I combined Chick's fire-and-brimstone moralism with the lessons learned from an odd assortment of conventional horror comic books, the thing I learned was that greed and vanity never really pays off.
     It is from these lessons lessons that I sometimes receive vicarious consolation when confronted with the dark cabal that runs the world these days.
     The lesson learned was that if you sell your soul for fame, riches and power in this life, eventually, the payoff is that old sulfur-breath comes back to claim what is his.
     And the sign-in-blood contractee gets whisked abruptly to a sentence of eternal damnation and horror.
     But while Dante, when viewing the Inferno, may have been able to peek at the outcomes, the rest of us just have these comic books to prove it.

 • As if Jack Chick's pamphleteering was not enough, Pleated-Jeans has posted 15 awful examples of Christian propaganda. That is one of them to your left. My favorites on the list include "environmentalists", "sophisticated swine" and "loud-mouth women". Wonder where each of these are mentioned in the Bible.

 • Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages, which is moving to: Chinese Poster [dot] net

 • Propaganda Poster Collections Online

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