26 August 2010

quiet time

There have been so many things going on right now ~ federal government overseers at work; near to daily trips to the hospital to visit; updates from my brother on the west coast; arts proposals to join or be more involved with shows; moving "stuff" for people [the dubious rewards of owning a pick up truck]; town meetings; that what I sometimes wish I had more of was some quiet time.

My partner doesn't thinks so; but instead stews at home waiting for me to show up and visit. That kind of home-coming doesn't usually bode well, either. He notes, well, you've been alone in your truck driving everywhere.

But driving alone in my pick-up truck is not quiet time. ...there's too much taking place I need to pay attention on the road ...thank God I'm not a texter.

The other day BillP commented that I was able to sit for long periods of time without moving. I agreed. That's what I want to do when I'm alone.

I'm thinking more of time spent with no one but the elements [and the occasional building, such as the one seen here] to let my head clear out psychic excesses.

It's hunting season soon. Maybe I need to find a good place for a treestand, and not even bother bringing the bow.

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