29 June 2010

exhibitions - BAC Gallery 107 Main

Some images from the North Adams, MA opening

Left Pic: Ian Grey - photos; Will Brady - collage, painting + photos; Beth Davis - fabric works; Dawn Nelson - painting

Right Pic: Violet Wilcox - painting; Mary Weissbrodt - jewelry; Beth Davis - quilts; Ian Grey - Photo; Dan Bellows - pottery

Left Pic: Violet Wilcox - paintings; Dan Bellows - pottery; Mary Weissbrodt - Jewelry

Right Pic: Mary Weissbrodt - jewelry; Beth Davis - quilts; Dan Bellows - pottery

Left Pic: Bruce MacDonald - painting + tinted etchings

Right Pic: Will Brady with his painting [Pilgrims] and two collages. Dawn Nelson's painting in background

There are a few other artists whose works didn't get in the pictures. My fault. Some had not yet been put up when I was there. These artists include: Jordan Pagan - collage; Terry Taft - painting; Jen Huberdeau - masque/painting fusion; Michael Dunn - Silversmith; Anna Kronick - stained glass and paper etching.

By all means, get down to the show and see our work. Check out the other Down Street Art exhibits as well... and stay tuned for our special "Social Comment" show at the end of August.

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