22 February 2012

four photographers

Jann Bhogal: Young boxers in training; the Paris Metro; Racetrack habitués; Marwali Shepherds. A 28 years old photographer who is "...still addicted to the silver grains which gives that rough and textured look."

Tina Kazakhishvili. Portraits in abandoned buildings; residents in former Soviet mental hospitals; Intentional double exposures. Haunting, enigmatic images from a Georgian photo artist as she gives us uncompromising glimpses of the world around her.

Ovidiu Gordan. A visual photographic journal is what artist photographer Ovidiu Gordan appears to have us "read". Gordan's objectives are to photograph things of the country, to provide representation.
    In an interview in Art/Act magazine [text in Romanian] Gordan notes the difference ~ and challenges ~ between working in film from digital. Among them is that with film, you have to wait to see the image, and that changes one's interpretation, and even how one accepts what images to use.

Michael O'Brien. From his website: "O’Brien has photographed subjects ranging from presidents to small-town heroes. His candid, unapologetic style captures the dignity and humanity of his subjects, whether they be celebrities or “ordinary” people."
    A collaboration between O'Brien [photos] and balladeer Tom Waits [poems] Hard Ground, presents to us the very human face of homeless peoples, has been published in book form and is available through various booksellers.

All images above are © of each individual artist. Permission should be sought from the artists themselves if interested in purchase or commercial use.

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