01 June 2011

a visit to the VA

     It only took two months for the gasto-enterologist to apologize to my friend for tearing the lining the wall of his espohogaus. He was, during the meeting with him, increasingly distraught. After we had left, he noted that the very least the doc could have done was to have apologized while he remained at the hospital, especially since he remained there an extra couple of weeks because of the tear.
     Most (but not all) of the clinicans who saw him today were reluctant to provide encouragement or support. Instead it was "...why did you let them remove your feeder tube?" or "Oh, don't listen to <>u>that hospital. They are far too experimental." {NOTE: he had called Cancer Centers of America who gave him some ideas for a proccedure that might be able to open the esophagus stricture somewhat].
     The plus side is that NO cancer cells were observed, and his bloodwork is pretty darned good, and his weight is 15 pounds greater than when he'd been discharged mid-April.
     Next week, a tentaive expansion of the esophogeal stricture again... together with anticipated difficuties with getting anesthesia due to constricted blood veins.
     That, and dealing with an insensitive, uncaring and probably incompetent case worker at the Medicaid office that "manages" his outpatient payment authorizations. I am being MORE than gracious at not mentioning the New Britain CT DSS case worker by name. I KNOW she messes up other clients accounts as well, so it is, um, nothing personal.
     More to follow.

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