30 May 2011

New collage works

A bit about the technical end:
Each collage is “built” by laying the items down atop a larger surface until I get an assortment of items that look interesting together.
That’s the easy part!

The finished array is photographed, and the objects removed,
Then I figure out how to put them back together while making it appear as if the objects are just floating atop one another.
That’s the hard part of making the collage.

The base of a work might be drilled and bolted from the back. Choosing the right glues and epoxies have to be considered. Some won’t help to hold different surfaces together. Some glues have properties that don’t look good when hardened. Even figuring how to keep pieces fixed together while a fixative sets can be daunting. And, there are times, I make no attempt to disguise how a work has been put together. The things holding things together become part of the finished project.

For more information about collage, and collage artists, check out the website: http://www.collageart.org/

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