16 April 2014

Poem - Ode to the Lunar Eclipse

  The Sun revolves around the Earth
 So too does the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the rest of the planets
     Save Venus, who sets alongside,
     man as a hornet for not herself being chosen the center Orb.

The Sun revolves around the Earth
Driven by the ginormous gravitational pull of human genius
     Relatively unknown outside - in other universes
     Which, in fact, do not exist if we but say they don't

Who knew our strength was so All Powerful?
     A Strength so All Encompassing?
     A Strength so Grandiose?
A Strength so itense the even G*D Himself
     cannot resist the pull of human genius
And who are YOU to say otherwise?

The Sun revolves around the Earth
And for you - heathen unbeliever --
     We have WAYS of dealing with you that make Abu Grahib seem calm
     You can thank us hat we shall spare you.

Now grab hold of the reins of that tractor combine
     Plow under those pale plants
We must bury them to help produce the next generation's oil
     Only a Mellennia to go. No time to question this Wisdom now.
The Sun revolves around the Earth. 

image credit: Akira Fujii (Sky & Telescope)

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