01 March 2013

three artists

Remy Jungerman: was born in Moengo, Suriname and has lived in Amsterdam since 1990. His work is intrinsically related to his Surinamese origins and is centered on global citizenship in today’s society. Jungerman uses collages, sculptures and installations to show cultural critique(s) of the local and the global, the internal and the external. Traditional materials and objects are placed in different contexts that challenge the established notions of their representation within Western society.
     Jungerman gets his inspiration from Afro-religious elements of the traditional Maroon culture in Suriname and the Diaspora. At the same time he is also inspired by Western trends in art and modern communication technology.
     He first studied art at the Academy for Higher Arts and Cultural Studies, Paramaribo (Suriname). After moving to Amsterdam in 1990 he studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Since his first group exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Jungerman has participated in several solo and group exhibitions worldwide.
James McNabb What James McNabb has to say about himself:

I’m an intense person.
     The work I make is the result of my desire to be the best at what I do. I observe the world around me, immerse myself in culture, and adapt to the challenges life presents to me.
     Lately, I have been inspired by cityscapes and what the city represents to me. I am exploring my own way of representing the urban landscape using the skills and techniques I have developed during my training as a woodworker and furniture maker.
     To me, the city represents the land of endless possibilities, a place where people go to make something out of nothing in search of fortune and fame. I aim to reflect those feelings when I ...make these objects.
[Creating these works is] ...meditative and therapeutic, a way to express my intensity through the act of making. The result is a composition of abstract architectural forms, no two alike, all from discarded scrap wood. It’s the epitome of making something out of nothing. They are my wooden cityscapes and my land of endless possibilities.

Michael [Surrealist] Woods:
[favorite quote] "In the begining there is no begining,
In the future there is no future.
      Michael Surrealist Woods is a photographer and collagist. He maintains an internet presence with a Facebook Page. He does not have a web site of his own. He should have, for his work is wonderful and amazing. He has been written about and his works have been on show.
     Woods is a photographer and artist, who lives and works in North Kensington, London. His photographs and Surrealist assemblages have been widely published and exhibited.
     In 1991, together with George Melly, Woods co-authored a beautifully composed book of images and text that evinces a golden age of surrealist artists, Paris and the Surrealists (pub - Thames & Hudson).
     Woods was a member of the Colony Room Club, Soho, and "...drank with Dan Farsons, Francis Bacon, Molly Parkin."
     His work has been exhibited internationally.
     He indicates that "...although I adhere to Surrealist principles, more recently I have been working on a neuroscience project with Prof John Taylor, "Imaging the Self in Art and Consciousness", We're writing a book about it.'
     He is also preparing a book of photographs, "The Terminal Surrealist - Last Photographs of George Melly"

IMAGE CREDITS: [1] Remy Jungerman; [2] James McNabb; [3] Portrait of Michael Woods by Alex Schneideman.

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