21 January 2013

petitions to the prez : re - frivolous lawsuits

I write this as a response to Orly Taitz's latest lawsuit [there have been about 24 so far] against the White House, most disputing President Obama's place of birth, and of his citizenship status. She has lost virtually all of them, and lost so resoundingly that one judge asked why she so wastes her time.

This time, instead of questioning Barack Obama's birth credentials, her lawsuit argues that there are two Obamas: one who was born in Hawaii; the second, an Indonesian spy. You can guess which one ~ according to her ~ is actually in the White House.

In case you do not yet know Ms. Taitz, she is the Queen of Hearts of the Birther Movement and without a doubt every bit as rage-filled and psychotic as Lewis Carroll's equal queen of note.

Yet Mr. Carroll's queen is a fantasy and her rage remained contained within the confines of a storybook.

Ms. Taitz, in contrast, moves about in the real world, wreaking havoc whenever reality gets in her way. A Russian-born naturalized citizen, Ms. Taitz is a dentist and an attorney, but her legal practice seems to be focused mostly on President Obama and anyone else who does not comply with her demands. In one odd twist of legalistic mumbo-jumbo she even subpoenaed Arizona Sheriff Joe Arapaio insisting he testify on behalf of a birther case she filed in Indiana. He was a no-show.

Sadly, Ms. Taitz's litigious effluvia is not - and has not - been they only source of such frivolous demands. Now, all of these lawsuits, repeatedly thrown out for lack of evidence, still end up costing the US Taxpayer one hellacious amount of money. This shouldn't be.

So it is with some relief to learn that a petition has been filed seeking that people who engage in costly frivolous lawsuits, should bear the brunt of the cost of their actions ~ and that the taxpaying public be spared from the continued wasteful expenditure of our tax dollars, spent on repeatedly responding to vacuous demands and court time.

In these economic times, such recompense would only be fair. The petitioners' seeking fiscal redress are asking that the United States Attorney General's office be mandated to seek sanctions, costs, and attorneys' fees to recover taxpayer funds used to defend birther lawsuits.

image credits: "We the People" > White House Petitions ; Orly Taitz photo > Rancho Santa Margarita Patch ; The Queen of Hearts/Red Queen from Tim Burton's > Alice in Wonderland

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