01 January 2011

weather ~ the cold

My friend Audrey, in Alaska, text-messages me about the temperature. When she got to the library, she sent me this image, of an acquaintance, Barb Tharp, who wanted everyone to know just how nippy it was at the end of November 2010. The caption read "Not too cold for an Alaskan"

So here is the picture:

Separate from this, Audry has also discovered a cat meowling at night outside her door, living outside at temps similar to those shown in Barb's picture.

Only last night, New Year's, as the Aurora Borealis provided a dramatic light display overhead [I wasn't there, I'll take her word for it], did this chilly almost frozen cat allow Audrey to pet him [or her, I'm not certain which - but Audrey's dubbed him "Walter Coldcat"]. So if you happen to be in Delta Junction Alaska, and looking for a lost cat. Let me know, I'll tell Audrey.

IMAGE CREDIT: Barbara Tharp, 2010. Published on 3 December 2010, in the online version of Delta News Web

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