28 December 2010

social history - Torture and psychiatry

Three segments on video about Dr Ewen Cameron, who both attended the post holocaust Nuremberg Trials and later over saw the infamous CIA MK-ULTRA torture experiments at Allen Institute at McGill University in Montreal PQ, during the late 1950s.

What Cameron wanted more than anything was to find a new way to treat mental illness. He instead endorsed "depatterning" or brainwashing as a kind of "cure. Instead, while he admitted to "failure" he never acknowledged the horrors he subjected his victims to.

Dr Cameron's main 'crime' here was not that he didn't tell his patients what he was doing and why, but that what he was doing was intrinsically evil, horrifying, destructive, even sadistic.

Cameron's ultimate crime was betraying his patient's trust. He wanted to go to his grave knowing he'd made a difference. But he became infamous, rather than revered.

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