16 June 2016


As we get closer to the REAL election horse race, (AFTER the conventions . . . all of them) I plan on being more circumspect on making my POV discernible.

Partly because I have always believed that voting really ought to be a private matter - decision-making wise)

Partly because I also was trained as a "special registrar" (when Myles Rappaport was Sec'y of State in Connecticut) and had well ingrained the idea into my brain the importance of being neutral with personal points of view while signing up people to vote.

Also I count amongst my personal inner circle of friends individuals who align themselves with a wide range of stands within (and maybe sometimes - without) the political spectrum.

I believe it's important that we ALL communicate as civilly as possible on matters concerning pickin' the next CEO of the United States [oops! I'd meant to type POTUS. Damned auto-correct features!]

I shall continue to post items about candidates - presumptive, presumptuous, preposterous and sane alike - but don't even ask where I stand. You can guess but don't ask.me; you may be wrong, but maybe not. Ain't tellin'.

I'll work at not cross posting links that are demonstrably partisan, but since these will be other people's links - none of them are unbiased.

That said . . .

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