29 November 2013

Is Wal-Mart owned by the whores of Babylon?

True confession time, for what it's worth ~ On occasion I do shop at Wal-Mart - but I never shop there during holiday seasons.

And if there were ever picket lines in front one I was headed for, I would not cross the line to shop there either. Alternet reports on massive Black-Friday strikes planned by workers defying Wal-Mart.

Can we expect the management minions working for the Walton family to order arrests? It would not surprise me. Such malign abuses of power are typical when big corporations are met with protest.

Reports from inside of various Wal-Mart stores, gun sales are up today thanks, in part to stores offering up to a 20% discount on the sale price

Walton family PR flaks thought the mob scenes, fistfights and general chaos were indicators of a successful Black Friday Sell-a-thon.

IMAGE CREDIT: # 1 ~ OUR Walmart; # 2 ~

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