18 September 2013

it's hard work to make a scene

     The photo shoot had to have been difficult. Selecting the right "models" to evoke the atmosphere; arranging equipment rental and proper releases ~ in this case borrowing police equipment while carefully cropping out the key details [namely, what city allowed their stuff to be used this way].

     Then there's choosing the site so as to get the proper natural lighting; and time, to ensure that no unwanted intruders might accidentally stumble across the shoot and distract everyone. And then paying for everything, plus getting the idea marketed and properly, well, exposed to the target audience.

     But who is the target audience. And are we so certain that any of these actor/models required getting paid or did they pay to participate in this little imbroglio? Personally, I know people who would.

     After all, this tantalizing bit of soft-core porn remarkably resembles a bust of two guys caught in the act of, well, having their pants down for one thing. In the bushes [or so it would suggest] and busted by a couple of well-packed officers of the law. [Is the plainclothesman wearing C-in2 briefs as well? We'll never know.]

     There are, in fact, two "scenes" transpiring here in one tidy little picture. There's the photo shoot, presumably paid for by C-in2 and there's the sex scene with so many complicated layers of not so crypto homo-eroticism. Sex outside in the bushes; getting caught by authority figures in the act [good looking ones I might add ]; bondage and humiliation as well as the anticipated prison holding cell rape scene. No wonder the bad boy about to be cuffed is beginning to sprout a woody.

     Or am I reading too much into this? Maybe, as Freud said, "A cigar is just a cigar" and these guys are just trying to sell us underwear. perhaps the real message is, if you expect to be busted, wear clean shorts and cut down on the embarrassment.

     You tell me.

[Advert found in an old edition of the metrosexual oriented magazine GQ; I could only find a still of this advert but if you find this intriguing do yourself the favor and watch more recently released C-in2 video called Filthy and on Parole on YouTube.]

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