22 July 2013

New Deal Art History - Harlan, Iowa

Harland Iowa's post office is one of those blessed with a New Deal Era painting. Entitled "The Farmer Feeding Industry" it was painted in 1937 by Richard gates. The photo was found at The Living New Deal Project which is hosted by the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Part of an ongoing project to document the many public works of art produced during that time.

A quote from the site:

"The investment America made in New Deal seventy-five years ago is still working for the American people—and our economy—today. The legacy of the New Deal has much to teach about farsighted leadership and what can be achieved when our country rallies to serve needs of ordinary people in troubled times. What is more, it provides a shining example of what positive government can achieve when it invests in public works that serve the collective good. Yes, government can work for all the people by creating useful infrastructure, job for the unemployed, and things of beauty like public murals and elegant buildings."
...well worth pondering considering the times we are going through. Again, the picture was found at the Living New Deal Project,a site worth visiting.
IMAGE CREDIT: The Farmer Feeding Industry - photo by Jimmy Emerson

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