17 July 2013

Mourning reflections

I'm still wishing I could be with my friend, yet knowing, or beginning to recognize that isn't possible.

On the plus side, his absence has sparked within my mind a profound sense of those things that are important as contrasted with those that are not ... as a result, the TV set is off most of the time and at work I have even less patience for foolishness from others - be they patients, staff or unfeeling administrators. HMM. Have to work on remaining diplomatic if that be the case.


  1. Big virtual hug, Will.

  2. When you are feeling low, remember all the good and positive things he shared with you and how his friendship enriched your life. He gave you wonderful memories that you will remember forever. Hope my hunble expression will comfort you just a bit.

  3. Mourning is hard, but it's a lot better for your mind than not mourning, I won't say that time heals, it doesn't, the feeling of hurt will seek up on you when you least expect (it can be a sound, music, a picture or even a smell), just try to remember the good times