18 June 2013

farewell my friend ~ William James Pelletier ~ 24 January 1954 - 13 June 2013

It's never easy to say goodbye. The following is an assortment of photos and images that was shown at the funeral today. The captions are written as if Bill were actually narrating this display, and in some instances, it is what he said of each item

Powers in the Universe - This was a painting done by Will. The image is my face, sort of. We had been taking about auras around the time he did the painting.

Bill in Bristol 1985. Can't recall the cat's name; I got Will into being a read cat person too.

Freedom isn't Free. A decal that was in the window of an old historic house.

Inside Devil's Hopyard State Park

Spirit Mask

Miemioux - A cat that lived with Will and I (1990)

My exercise bike - I was getting pretty good, several minutes each day - without getting winded.

New plants at 300 East Main

North on I-91 - On the way from Will's house to mine.

Big Boy goes demon

Delia and me

Me as a brooding rock star

My new dream car - a baby blue Beemer ragtop

Christ on Black velvet

Eagle Lake, Maine - from a trip we took in September 2009

Manta Rays swim with sharks unmolested. Will told me I said that if there is reincarnation
I wouldn't mind coming back as a manta ray, but I don't remember if I said that for sure.

My Tiger, who Will kept calling Red,
but sometimes he'd answer to Little Guy and other times he would not answer at all

Luminaria ~ flying above the city by a group of people who did this to pay homage to people who have died.
Walnut Hill Park, New Britain CT, We saw them floating in the sky
and were able to find out where they were being lifted from.

Dawn from the window at 300 East Main Street, New Britain CT

Will manages to get a picture, even though I am usually shy about being in a photo.

Checking out the seahorses at Mystic Aquarium.
It is Will's favorite from that visit.

Visiting at cousin Connie's in Fort Kent, Maine

Meriden Mountain from Route 9, Middletown CT

Another view from the window at 300 East Main Street, New Britain C

Cashier/Blood Drawing ~ if they can't get you one way they'll get you another

TV shot of Wold Wrestling Entertainment ~ sometimes they actually had real matches on the show

UFOs are out there

Will took this shot. Final resting place of my physical being. Next to Rita and Rudy

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  1. A Memory Tribute to William J. Pelletier.

    I have known Bill for nearly three years beginning with his stay on T3W at VACT in August 2010. Bill was unique but if you were lucky enough to gain his trust, he was extremely loyal. I'll never forget one time he smiled at me with his twinkling blue eyes and said, "you know, I can be quite charming". And I certainly agreed. Unfortunately he suffered from many illnesses that caused him anxiety and pain. So when we shared a real hearty laugh, it was a treat to witness. We talked often about his cats and they along with his devoted friend Will were a great comfort to him. I know I will miss him dearly and I only hope that he is at peace.
    Maddie DeRosa
    west haven, CT
    Jun 14, 2013