21 August 2011

living with cancer

When we try to make sense of things that are
not for us to understand
the result can be confusion
and longing for clarity
         when there is none.

Who sits in the dark
awaiting our entry?
         although we each have guesses
     no one of us really knows
for sure.

Is it G*D
         ...or Jesus
         Gautama Buddha
For whom we wait ? ? ?
     All one and the same some say
     For they are all prophets and gods in different tongues

Heavy can be the heart burdened with
     the certainty of illness
     and the uncertainty of time of passing

To some extent
it is the physical suffering we experience
     ~ and that we cannot bear ~
     while still in this realm
     more than the fear of passing

And yet
     it is not out of order
     to wallow in aweful wonder
as to whether or not
our beliefs of the post-physical
     might not be exactly as we might hope.

Go strong.
Be with those passing.
And remain constant
     while without fear.

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