12 December 2010

spirituality - prove what you believe

It isn't that Faith is wrong, nor the premise beneath the belief is false; but things sometimes cannot be proven.
SOURCE: Found at Mesila's blog, otherwise known as "Elevated Highway: Dominating the Subversive Paradigm". Mesila is also the spirit and the brains behind an inactive weblog that goes by the name of Choronzon; which I have been following since it had been called "Thraam". I'm pleased to see her still present on the internet.

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  1. Praise Google's latest labwork Deepernet, which will find ALL the stuff people write about you, no matter how deeply buried.

    I am very happy to report that after a long, long mess with JustHost misdefining 'subdomain'. thus leading me to pay them a bunch of money to put a Choronzon folder on the just-re-risen Thraam.com which is going to have my art portfolios and some sort of blog that won't scare away everyone who might conceivably throw 20 dollars at me for a quickie site or logo design, and the point was MOVE CHORONZON .org to a host that can handle the web we have now, not 5 to 7 years ago.

    Solution: I'm going to host Choronzon.org at Godaddy which happens to be its registrar so is less confusing anyway.

    Soon, both Thraam.com and Choronzon.org will be anything but inactive.

    Its happening this week, not next month or year, might have owed to just finding this comment. It always gets someone going to see evidence, no matter how small, that someone actually looked at your pages.

    Thanks gracefully, Will Brady,
    Demimonde Mesila Thraam & her 'cohort' CHORONZON - whose presence is no more provable than any of the rest of them in that thar veedeeo, except to ME.

    Ah, nature can bite me, since this year it seems that bugabear of ladies all over, "menopause", is slowing that down too. NO! I need that, to do all the OTHER stuff! Yet another design bug in homo sapiens, FEH. And probably that's been affecting the whole rest of me, by proxy.