01 December 2010

national affairs

     It is disappointing, though hardly surprising that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, millionaires both - and beneficiaries of many generous corporate donations to their political coffers - would push forward to stall all efforts before Congress until after they vote on extending tax cuts to the top one percent of the already lop-sided income bracket households of this nation.

     It is my earnest prayer, before their time on Earth is concluded, that both of them get to personally experience the difficulties, anguish and uncertainty that those without health care, basic food and shelter needs, already suffer; and that they have no one by their side to console or help them as they so suffer.

     This may seem a harsh wish, but consider... in France, after the 1789 rebellion, the likes of McConnell, Boehner and their cohorts (the Koch brothers [of the Valero gas chain], the off-scott-free criminals who ran Lehman Brothers... naming only a couple) who participated at running our economy into the ground ...they would have been in the waiting line for the guillotine. In comparison, my entreaty that they personally suffer the end effects of poverty in a land of plenty, is tame, I can assure you.

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