06 September 2010

home life - respite

It was difficult to capture this but I did get one decent shot of a praying mantis on Nick's porch screen door yesterday morning at breakfast.

Stayed overnight in West Haven after visiting with BillP at the VA hospital.
He was groggy, and feeling the famed nausea-like effects of chemotherapy.

From there, it was over to Nick's and an overnight respite.

Once settled in as an overnight house guest I was fed a meal of stuffed chicken meats, rice, fresh tomatoes and a not to be duplicated delicious Caesar salad. Dessert was a decadent mix of ultra-rich brownies topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Espresso with Sambuca and rind of lemon served on the side.

We watched a show on theories on the end of the dinosaur era and another about Nostradamus and the [potential] end of human days.

After that I fell into a dense sleep.

Breakfast the next morning was an equally sumptuous repast before heading back home to the eastern Connecticut hinterlands.

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