29 August 2010

local scene - Shugrue farm


  1. What is happening with the farm anyway? I heard the town bought it but that the family is suing to get it back? How can that be?

  2. Actually, it can't be. The farm was 5/6 owned by Ann Shugrue. Her sister-in-law owned the remain 1/6th. One of the sister-in-law's sons and his children are suing to wrest ownership of land they had no legal standing with. Beyond that, the case is in litigation so I can comment no further right now.

  3. The farm portion of the land has been being taken care of by a very hard working family that has made the place look great in the last few years. They grow all kinds of vegetables, the best sweet corn in the state, pumpkins, eggs, hay, etc. Ann Shugrue always wanted the farm to continue being a farm and I believe that the people taking care of it are doing just that.
    The East Haddam Land Trust is going to make hiking trails in the wooded sections of the property. It is very beautiful in the forest here and there are many different bird species and other wild flora & fauna. A real gem in this truly overdeveloped area of the state.
    Hopefully that the family continues their amazing work on the farm and the Land Trust creates a wonderful natural area for local residents.