05 July 2010

books - in general

     My spouse and I are inveterate lovers of books' reading material on paper still has an aesthetic quality to it that I have not found in electronic format. Besides, there is something immediate and tangible about actually seeing shelves lined up with tomes and trashy novels alike.
     So it ought come as no surprise that I shall occasionally expound upon a number of book at once; much like I do with my random website wanderings.
     I'll keep it reasonable. Shall limit the number of books I write about each time; shall try to remain within a specific subject matter; and the entries will be annotations rather than lengthy reviews.
     Mind you, I'm not trying to proffer business for the big name vendors such as Barnes + Noble or Amazon, or even Half.com, for that matter.
     I far prefer supporting indie booksellers like Printed Matter, NYC; Papayri, North Adams, MA; Burgundy Books, East Haddam, CT; or even Powell's in Portland, Oregon. I encourage folks to buy their books local.
     From what you see in the picture, the books I gather do not have to be new. When the subject warms to me, the book I end up picking up could be some newly printed beauty ~ with that smell of printer's ink still present; or it could been some dog-eared items I found at the book swop bin at the transfer station.
     My shame here is ~ that I have collected so many books that the attic rafters house many, and I even pay rent on a storage unit to house them all. I'll have a first list of books in the coming days

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